Communicate with confidence.

WordZebra provides professional writing and editing services. Our team of published writers, award-winning poets and language trainers offers a peer-reviewed service, around the world and around the clock. We specialise in flawless, captivating copy that your audience will understand and trust.

Once we understand your business, goals and audience, we pair you with a suitable writer or editor from our team. This expert is your partner, who works with you to achieve your goals. All the work we do is original, results-focused, and managed by a senior editor. We promise absolute discretion and dedication.

The WordZebra team is a diverse group of professionals, with different skills to suit different jobs. We are experienced in editing copy, web-content, business documents, and academic writing.


Say it right first time

Easy reading is hard writing. Our professional writers will create the communications you need to achieve your goals, letting you focus on what you do best. The WordZebra team is skilled at everything related to words, from the structural organisation of documents, to the sophisticated manipulation of sentences to achieve different effects on the reader.

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Your words, made perfect

A writer’s work is never done, which is why it takes an editor to finish the job. Structural coherence, clarity of meaning, sentence organisation, grammar, spelling, crossing your ‘t’s and dotting your ‘i’s are all part of editing, as is adding humour or a touch of flair. We provide editorial services at all levels, from basic proof-reading to comprehensive creative and structural document analysis.

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Advice is nice

Communicating effectively begins before you pick up your pen. Planning is vital, as is deciding what your tone, voice, and target audience should be. This is especially difficult with major writing-based projects such as websites, regular publications, and comprehensive documents, which all require high level structural organisation as well as efficient language. WordZebra can manage these projects from the ground up.

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Do it yourself

Even the greatest writers will tell you – learning to write is a never-ending process. While it takes a lifetime to call yourself a master, significant improvement is possible in a short time with the right training. Our teachers and writing experts can provide focused, tailored sessions to make your words work for you.

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